Eran USA Manufacturing & Distribution
Bay Minette, Alabama

In June 2022, Eran secured a 780,000 square foot industrial facility outside of Mobile, Alabama located 26 miles from Mobile's Deep Water Port. This facility will provide 4 major and immediate value-adds for Eran:

  • Eliminate the use of third party warehouses which greatly increases our cost to handle and ship our goods.
  • Allow Eran to bring certain product programs in kit or unassembled form, thus greatly reducing the cost to ship that goods from overseas factories (i.e. our largest single product-program, LED troffers/panels can ship 4.Sx more units in kit form versus as a finished good). Greatly improving margins and product competitiveness.
  • Allows Eran to offer Made in America goods while allowing for product enhancement and SKU diversification from the same work-in-progress inventory. Made in America is a huge win on company goodwill and brand recognition.
  • The scale of the facility, residing on 42 acres, allows Eran to rent several utilized areas to tenants which covers Eran's mortgage, taxes and utilities.